SWV Pipes & Fittings

SWV Pipes & Fittings in Pakistan


PLASCO SWV Pipes & Fittings are a complete system of soil, waste, and vent pipe system made of un-plasticized polyvinylchloride (uPVC) compound. PLASCO SWV Pipes are manufactured for residential houses, flat and multistorey buildings, industries, and above/underground drainage.


  • BS 3505, ASTM D2466
  • BS 4514, EN 1329, EN 1401


  • 2” to 8” (in inches for Pipes)
  • 32 mm to 450 mm (in millimeters for Pipes)
  • 2” to 8” (Fittings)


High Flow Rates


100% Leakproof

Strong & Resilient

Corrosion Resistant

High Mechanical Strength


PLASCO SWV Pipes & Fittings are popular amongst architects, consultants, engineers, and plumbing contractors due to their unmatched quality.


  • Swimming pools
  • Agriculture/irrigation
  • Disposal of industrial sewerage
  • Water drainage and sewerage of a building
  • Water drainage of civil engineering & roads dropdown

For efficient and reliable waste drainage systems, SWV (Soil, Waste, and Vent) Pipes and fittings have become an essential choice in the construction and plumbing industry. Plasco Pipes, a leading manufacturer, offers top-of-the-line SWV Pipes and fittings that cater to diverse project requirements. This article delves into the exceptional features and benefits of Plasco Pipes’ SWV products, making them the ultimate solution for your waste drainage needs.

Understanding SWV Pipes & Fittings

SWV Pipes and fittings are specifically designed to manage soil and waste drainage in plumbing systems. These pipes and fittings are made from high-quality materials that provide excellent durability, resistance to chemicals, and reliable performance in waste management applications. SWV Pipes and fittings are integral to modern plumbing systems, ensuring effective waste disposal and ventilation.

Advantages of Choosing Plasco Pipes’ SWV Pipes & Fittings

Unmatched Durability

Plasco Pipes’ SWV Pipes and fittings are engineered to withstand the rigors of waste drainage systems, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable plumbing infrastructure.

Corrosion Resistance

SWV Pipes and Plasco Pipes‘ fittings exhibit excellent chemical corrosion resistance, providing a safe and hygienic waste management solution.

Smooth Inner Surface

Plasco Pipes’ SWV Pipes have a smooth inner surface that minimizes blockages and ensures smooth waste flow, reducing the risk of clogs and backups.

Leak-Free Joints

The precision engineering of Plasco Pipes’ SWV fittings guarantees tight and leak-free connections, preventing foul odors and contamination.

Ventilation System

SWV Pipes and fittings include vent pipes that facilitate proper ventilation, preventing pressure buildup and promoting effective waste disposal.

Applications of SWV Pipes & Fittings

Plasco Pipes’ SWV Pipes and fittings are suitable for various waste drainage systems, including:

Residential Drainage

SWV Pipes and fittings are extensively used in residential buildings to manage soil and waste drainage, ensuring a clean and hygienic living environment.

Commercial Establishments

Plasco Pipes’ SWV products are trusted in commercial establishments, such as hotels, offices, and shopping malls, ensuring efficient waste management.

Industrial Applications

SWV Pipes and fittings are utilized in industrial setups for effective waste disposal and maintaining a safe working environment.


Plasco Pipes’ SWV Pipes & Fittings are a testament to superior quality and efficiency in waste drainage systems. Plasco Pipes’ SWV products offer optimal performance for all your waste management needs with unmatched durability, corrosion resistance, and leak-free joints.

Choose Plasco Pipes as your trusted supplier for SWV Pipes and fittings and experience the highest standards of quality and reliability. Whether residential, commercial, or industrial applications, Plasco Pipes’ SWV solutions have covered you.