HDPE Cable Duct Pipes

HDPE Cable Duct Pipes in Pakistan


ASCO Cable Duct Pipes are made of best quality PE 100 (Polyethylene) compound, which is synthetic pipe grade material made from distillation and cracking of crude oil. PLASCO Cable Dud Pipes are highly resistant to environment stress cracking and meets ISO classification for materials. With our mission of supplying quality products at competitive prices, delivering on time & providing excellent service, PLASCO has become a reliable source for the ecosystem in the field of telecom cable duct. 


  • ISO 4427, 


  • 20 mm to 90 mm

      *All sizes are available in coils


All-Climate Resistant

Low Electrical/Thermal Conductivity


UV Stabilized

Corrosion Resistant

100% Leakproof Joints


PLASCO manufactures several types of HDPE Ducts that are being used in the telecom industry  SMOOTH WALL
  • These ducts have a sleek, low-friction interior finish for easy blowing and pulling of cable

  • Ribbed wall ducts are designed to work for extremely long cable pulls to glider through the interior ribbed ribs

  • These cable ducts have very low coefficient of friction with a inner layer of silicon suitable for long haul pulling & blowing of optical fiber

  • Rope inserted duds are available with a 5 mm rope already inserted into the telecom dud coil for easy pulling of the optical fiber in treacherous terrain & uneven ground level

Regarding ensuring efficient and organized cable management, HDPE Cable Duct Pipes have emerged as the preferred choice for various industries. Plasco Pipes, a reputable manufacturing company, specializes in delivering top-of-the-line HDPE Cable Duct Pipes designed to meet the diverse needs of modern cable infrastructure. In this article, we explore the exceptional features and benefits of Plasco Pipes’ HDPE Cable Duct Pipes, making them the go-to solution for all your cable management requirements.

Understanding HDPE Cable Duct Pipes

HDPE Cable Duct Pipes are High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipes designed specifically for cable management applications. These pipes provide a protective conduit for electrical and communication cables, safeguarding them from external elements, moisture, and physical damage. HDPE Cable Duct Pipes come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different cable types and installation requirements, making them essential in modern cable infrastructure projects.

Advantages of Choosing Plasco Pipes’ HDPE Cable Duct Pipes

Superior Cable Protection

Plasco Pipes’ HDPE Cable Duct Pipes offer excellent protection to cables against external factors, such as moisture, chemicals, and harsh weather conditions. This protection ensures long-lasting cable performance and minimizes the risk of cable failures.

Flexibility and Easy Installation

HDPE Cable Duct Pipes from Plasco Pipes are designed flexibly, allowing for easy installation, even in complex cable layouts. Their lightweight construction makes handling and installation hassle-free, saving time and cost.

Corrosion and Impact Resistance

HDPE Cable Duct Pipes are highly resistant to corrosion and impact, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging environments. This durability extends the service life of the cable infrastructure, reducing maintenance needs.

Smooth Inner Surface

Plasco Pipes’ HDPE Cable Duct Pipes feature a smooth inner surface, which reduces friction during cable pulling. This smoothness minimizes the risk of cable damage and makes cable installation a smoother process.

Longevity and Cost-Efficiency

Plasco Pipes‘ HDPE Cable Duct Pipes are built to last. Their resilience against wear and tear translates into a cost-efficient investment as they require minimal maintenance and replacement over time.

Applications of HDPE Cable Duct Pipes

HDPE Cable Duct Pipes from Plasco Pipes find applications in various industries, including:

Telecommunication Networks

HDPE Cable Duct Pipes protect and organize communication cables, ensuring reliable data transmission and communication services.

Power Distribution

In electrical installations, HDPE Cable Duct Pipes provide a safe and secure pathway for power cables, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of power distribution networks.

Transportation Infrastructure

HDPE Cable Duct Pipes play a vital role in transportation systems, protecting cables used for traffic signals, lighting, and surveillance systems.

Building and Construction Projects

HDPE Cable Duct Pipes are used in construction projects to manage cables for lighting, security, and communication systems within buildings.


Plasco Pipes’ HDPE Cable Duct Pipes are the epitome of quality, reliability, and efficiency in cable management solutions. With exceptional cable protection, ease of installation, and corrosion resistance, Plasco Pipes’ HDPE Cable Duct Pipes are the perfect choice for all your cable infrastructure needs.

Experience peace of mind and seamless cable management with Plasco Pipes’ HDPE Cable Duct Pipes – your trusted partner for advanced cable protection and organization.