MDPE Pipes & Fittings

MDPE Pipes & Fittings in Pakistan


PLASCO MDPE Pipes & Fittings are made of best quality PE (Polyethylene) compound, which is synthetic pipe grade material made from distillation and cracking of crude oil.


  • ASTM-D-2513, ISO 4437


  • 20mm to 160mm
  • 1/2” to 6”


Easy Installation

High Strength


Chemical Resistant


Stress-Crack Resistant


  • For disposal of chemical effluent and waste
  • Bio-gas, coal gas & natural gas distribution lines
  • Oil and milk transportation in industries and dairies

MDPE (medium-density polyethylene) Pipes and fittings have become the industry’s go-to choice for robust and reliable water and gas distribution systems. Plasco Pipes, a reputable manufacturer, offers a wide range of top-quality MDPE Pipes and fittings designed to meet diverse project requirements. In this article, we explore the outstanding features and benefits of Plasco Pipes’ MDPE products, making them the preferred solution for all your water and gas distribution needs.

Understanding MDPE Pipes & Fittings

MDPE Pipes and fittings are made from medium-density polyethylene, a durable and flexible material that provides excellent resistance to stress cracking and environmental conditions. These pipes and fittings are designed to carry water and gas, ensuring leak-free and efficient distribution systems. MDPE Pipes and fittings are well-suited for below-ground and above-ground installations, making them suitable for various applications.

Advantages of Choosing Plasco Pipes’ MDPE Pipes & Fittings

Superior Durability

Plasco Pipes’ MDPE Pipes and fittings are engineered to withstand the rigors of water and gas distribution systems. They offer exceptional resistance to abrasion, impact, and external stresses, ensuring a long service life and minimal maintenance requirements.

Leak-Free Joints

The precise design of Plasco Pipes’ MDPE fittings ensures tight and leak-free connections, preventing water or gas loss and enhancing the overall system’s efficiency.

Corrosion Resistance

MDPE Pipes and fittings are inherently resistant to corrosion, making them suitable for various environmental conditions and ensuring reliable performance over time.

Flexibility and Easy Installation

The flexibility of MDPE Pipes and fittings simplifies installation, allowing for smoother and faster assembly, reducing installation time and labor costs.

Cost-Effective Solution

Plasco Pipes’ MDPE products provide an economical water and gas distribution system solution. Their long lifespan and low maintenance needs result in cost savings over the life of the infrastructure.

Applications of MDPE Pipes & Fittings

Plasco Pipes‘ MDPE Pipes & Fittings find applications in various sectors, including:

Water Distribution

MDPE Pipes and fittings are widely used for water supply networks, ensuring reliable and efficient water distribution in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

Gas Distribution

In gas distribution systems, MDPE Pipes and fittings offer a safe and reliable means of transporting natural gas to consumers, adhering to strict safety standards.

Agricultural Irrigation

MDPE Pipes and fittings are used for agricultural irrigation systems, providing a cost-effective and efficient way of delivering water to crops.

Industrial Processes

MDPE Pipes and fittings are suitable for various industrial processes that require the transportation of water and non-potable fluids.


Plasco Pipes’ MDPE Pipes and fittings are the ideal choice to ensure reliable water and gas distribution systems. With superior durability, leak-free joints, and corrosion resistance, Plasco Pipes’ MDPE products guarantee optimal performance for your projects.

Choose Plasco Pipes as your trusted partner for MDPE Pipes and fittings and experience the highest quality, efficiency, and dependability standards. Whether it’s water supply, gas distribution, agricultural irrigation, or industrial applications, Plasco Pipes’ MDPE solutions have covered you.