• uPVC Electrical Conduit Pipes & Fittings
  • uPVC Pressure Pipes & Fittings
  • uPVC Casing and Bore Pipes
  • SWV Pipes & Fittings 
  • PPRC Pipes & Fittings 
  • HDPE Cable Duct 
  • HDPE Pipes 
  • MDPE Pipes

uPVC, PPRC, HDPE, and MDPE pipes are lightweight, easy to install, and require minimal maintenance. They are resistant to corrosion, chemicals, and UV rays, making them ideal for outdoor applications.

uPVC and PPRC pipes are used for various applications, including plumbing and drainage, sewerage, HVAC systems, and industrial processing.

HDPE and MDPE pipes are used for applications such as gas distribution, water supply, and irrigation.

  • uPVC Electrical Conduit Pipes & Fittings: Size Range: ½” to 6”
  • uPVC Pressure Pipes & Fittings: Size Range: ½” to 18”
  • SWV Pipes & Fittings: Size Range: 2” to 8” 
  • PPRC Pipes & Fittings: Size Range: 25mm to 110mm 
  • HDPE Cable Duct: Size Range: 20mm to 90mm 
  • HDPE Pipes: Size Range: 20mm to 1600mm 
  • MDPE Pipes: Size Range: 20mm to 160mm

All sorts of pipes that are being manufactured at PLASCO are known for their durability and can last for up to 50 years or more, depending on the type of the pipe as well as the conditions under which it is used.

The advantages of using such pipes include their durability, resistance to corrosion and chemicals, ease of installation, and low maintenance. These pipes are also cost-effective and can withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

PLASCO Pipes are suitable for use in fire safety systems. Our HDPE line is best suited for fire protection systems because of their high resistance to pressure.

PLASCO pipes are designed to meet the highest standards for water quality and safety. They are non-toxic, corrosion-resistant, and do not affect the taste or odor of water. All pipes as well as fittings are manufactured as per the highest ISO, EN, BS, PS, DIN & ASTM Standards.