uPVC Pressure
Pipes & Fittings

uPVC Pressure Pipes & Fittings:

PLASCO uPVC pressure pipes and fittings are manufactured in conformity with BS 3505 / PS-3051 standards.


Advantages of using PLASCO UPVC Pressure pipes & fittings

  1. Extremely difficult to ignite
  2. Resistant to organic growth
  3. Economical & easy to handle and install
  4. Ease of handling & installation due to its low weight
  5. Non-corrosive, non-conductive & possess chemical resistance
  6. Smooth internal surface provides excellent hydraulic characteristics
  7. Have a proven track record of excellent long-term performance and offer extended, trouble free service life
  8. Extremely flexible and can flex without breaking when loaded externally from soil weight and heavy-duty traffic


  1. Tube-wells
  2. Chemical Industries
  3. Agricultural water supply
  4. Drip/Micro irrigation system
  5. Horticulture & green house irrigation system
  6. Water supply system like potable water distribution
  7. Pharmaceutical transportation during manufacturing
  8. Cold water lines for refrigerating & air-conditioning system

Classification of Plasco uPVC Pressure Pipes

Class B 6.0 bar 60 m Head of water
Class C 9.0 bar 90 m Head of water
Class D 12.0 bar 120 m Head of water
Class E 15.0 bar 150 m Head of water

Working Pressure Testing Pressure
Class Bar Kgf/Cm2 Lbf/in2 Bar Kgf/Cm2 Lbf/in2
B 6 6.12 87 9 9.18 130
C 9 9.18 130 14 13.77 195
D 12 12.25 173 18 18.38 259
E 15 15.3 217 23 22.95 325

Short term hydrostatic pressure resistance at 20 Degree

Class B - 6.0 bar 21.6 bar
Class C - 9.0 bar 32.4 bar
Class D - 12.0 bar 43.2 bar
Class E - 15.0 bar 54.0 bar

uPVC Pressure Pipes FittingS

Available in different sizes, in inches

Ball Valve

Butterfly Valve

Double Union Valve

Elbow 45 degree

Elbow 90 degree

End Cap

Equal Tee

Female Bush

Female Threaded Adopter


Male Threaded Adopter

Reducer Femaile Threaded Adopter

Reducer Socket


Threaded End Cap

Threaded Flange


What we Provide

We, the people at PLASCO, aim to be recognized as the most responsive manufacturer & supplier of the quality pipes and fittings aiming at developing and maintaining satisfied customers...

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