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We at PLASCO Pipes Industries (Pvt) Ltd. aim to be recognized as the most responsive provider of quality pipes & fittings. The top management ensures that the quality of PLASCO Pipes & Fittings is ensured at all costs and services are designed to meet the customer needs & expectations in an exemplary manner. 

We measure our success through customer's feedback, which has contributed in building a strong reputation in the market. It has also helped us in broadening our customer base across the entire market. Our customer services department offers a variety of services focusing on different aspects of technical support.


We develop design and proposals, bill of quantities (BOQ) and proposed estimate for our valued customers according to their requirements.


Our technical support works around a 3-step formula in which we offer Pre-sales, Sales and Post-Sales services to our valued customers. Support services include supervision in laying pipelines, providing assistance in jointing operations and testing of plastic pipelines. 


We conduct various types of seminars, workshops and training sessions keeping the end user in mind. Scope and nature of these sessions varies from in- house training sessions for the team, field training for installers and staff deputed on site, and training techniques for plumbers. We also organize demonstrations for consultants, contractors and major customers to impart product knowledge with specification standard, applications, etc.


There is no doubt that the experimental unit capability of innovation in the field of technology and developing science is always the result of successful laboratory work. PLASCO has established its own latest and most modern laboratory with full equipment for quality testing. We have latest equipment and laboratory apparatus for further experimentation and explorations for development purposes especially in terms of thermal, electrical, mechanical and chemical properties of pipes. Therefore, the products of PLASCO are result of capable and skilled quality controlling tests and inspection. For the conformation of different standards and qualities, the tests given below are performed during the production. All tests are carried out under standard lines of BS, PS, DIN and ASTM standards.


PLASCO pipes are marked significantly with latest computerized Inkjet printing machine in black color at a distance of every one meter. It is, therefore, our aim to produce homogenous, high quality finished products of high standard to meet the ever-increasing demands of our valued customers.


The role of working engineers in any industrial unit is determinant to the outcome of the quality of the products and in turn the success of the company. PLASCO boasts some of the finest engineers. They are highly qualified in their specialized roles. They constantly supervise all the production units as well as the quality of the materials being produced. They work as a single working unit, thus ensuring a streamlined procedure and utmost efficiency. Any unprecedented external blockade hardly ever hinders the work process owing to the hard work, skill, and intelligence of our workforce.

PLASCO is proud of its working engineers and its high-level servicing workshop.


In certain case, two pipes are often required to be joined together. They may or may not be of the same size owing to various factors. We possess the capability to deal with such challenges via different types of sockets developed through the process of thermoforming.


Feedback from customers has huge significance here at PLASCO. Our Marketing & Sales Department is responsible for conducting surveys, taking regular feedback from our customers to monitor their satisfaction level. Feedback is taken from customer either through survey, questionnaire, phone calls and/or personal visits. These feedback results are compiled and analyzed to monitor the customer satisfaction level and facilitates us in improving our product and service standards. 

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We, the people at PLASCO, aim to be recognized as the most responsive manufacturer & supplier of the quality pipes and fittings aiming at developing and maintaining satisfied customers... More

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Following are our product offerings:

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PLASCO PPRC Pipes & Fittings

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PLASCO HDPE & MDPE Pipes & Fittings

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Garden Pipes

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