Our Commitment

We at PLASCO PIPES INDUSTRIES (Pvt) Ltd aim to be recognized as the most responsive provider and supplier of quality pipes & fittings. We aim to fulfill the ever growing demand of our markets without compromising our quality, thus ensuring satisfaction of our valued customers. Our top management ensures that the quality of PLASCO product offerings is ensured at all costs and services are designed to meet the customer needs & expectations in the utmost manner. We measure our success through customer's feedback, which has contributed in building a strong reputation in the market. It has also helped us in broadening our customer base across the entire market. 

Our Technology:

Here at PLASCO, we employ the latest and the most advanced technologies for handling the diverse range of pipe and fitting raw materials. We employ the automatic hot and cold turbo/cooler mixer with pneumatic and hydraulic control actuation feeding system due to its promising potential for quality and by mixing virgin materials with additives for the formation of various grades with a variety of colors and shades.

We seek to produce homogenous and high-quality finished goods to meet the challenges of the demands of our valued customers.

The Management as well as the engineering expertise of PLASCO are manufacturing their products using highly modern compounding and extrusion technologies.


Research department of any industrial set is the key to explore further techniques and developments. At PLASCO Pipes Industries (Pvt) Ltd, we harbor a highly qualified fleet of engineers. Innovative ideas and concepts are envisaged which are then brought to reality by our multidisciplinary team of mechanical, electrical, and polymer engineers. Our expert draftsmen ensure the drawings are laid out in the most detailed form. The team of engineers at PLASCO realize the sketches into new inventions by the latest and most advanced visualization software. We believe in teamwork and comprise of a devoted, dedicated and assiduous team of professionals employed at all levels for improving and attaining new skills in operations, management and R&D.


Our team is equipped with latest machines, tools & techniques needed for handling and working with thermoplastic products. Such methods are used for jointing, laying and installation of pipe and fitting solutions. Above all we undergo quality control inspections at various stages of our product development and later during installation to ensure that our customers receive the best quality & experience.

Customer Feedback

Feedback from customers has huge significance here at PLASCO. Our Marketing & Sales Department is responsible for conducting surveys, taking regular feedback from our customers to monitor their satisfaction level. Feedback is taken from customer either through survey, questionnaire, phone calls and/or personal visits. These feedback results are compiled and analyzed to monitor the customer satisfaction level and facilitates us in improving our product and service standards. 


It is one of our prime principles that the labor force of PLASCO Pipes Industries (Pvt) Ltd must enjoy social security, mental liberty and old-age benefit facilities. We seek to facilitate our labor in all aspects of life as we value our real foundations and the devotion and dedication of our workforce. We have a goal to serve the nation by creating employment opportunities for our countrymen. The drive of our labor management is commitment, team spirit and facilitation to our employees. We credit our success to our keen and diligent workforce and thus keep it a prime concern to cater to their well being.

PLASCO is a firm believer in the development of a better community. Along with appropriate and safe work conditions for the labour, we value environmental conservation and sustainability. PLASCO conforms to the ISO Standards, thus, ensuring that it’s practices are safe for both the external environment and the internal working body.

What we Provide

We, the people at PLASCO, aim to be recognized as the most responsive manufacturer & supplier of the quality pipes and fittings aiming at developing and maintaining satisfied customers...

Our ProductsFollowing are our product offerings:

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PPRC Pipes and Fittings

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HDPE & MDPE Pipes & Fittings

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Garden Pipes

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