Printing & Cutting


Plasco PVC piped are marked significantly with latest computerized Inkjet printing machine in black colour at the distance one meter. It is therefore, our aim to produce homogenous, quality raw materials and finished products of high standard to meet the challenges of the demands of our valued customers.

The Management and the Engineering expertise of plasco PVC industry are manufacturing the product using highly modern compounding and extrusion technology.



Socket Forming

When it is required to joint two pips of different or same sizes to increase the length or to change the direction or to shape the proper size of width, then different type of sockets by thermoforming process. Mainly two types are used in PVC pipes:-
Rubber seal socket /z joint


What we Provide

We, the people at PLASCO . Aim to be recognized as the most responsive provider of the quality pipes aiming at developing and maintaining satisfied customers.

Our ProductsFollowing are our Featured Products:

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Pressure pipes

Resistant to elements injurious to health i.e.
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SWV Pipes

SWV pipe is a complete system of soil
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Conduits Pipes

Sed commodo dolor vel velit elementum
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PPRC Pipes

PPRC system provides a large number of benefits
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Polyethylene Pipes

Polyethylene (PE) is fast replacing conventional
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Garden Pipes

Do not rust, rot or corrode-ever.