Our Commitment

Our Technology:

In Plasco Pipes industry, automatic hot and cold turbo/ cooler mixer with pneumatic and hydraulic control actuation feeding system to the extruders is being used as it is highly recommended to mix virgin materials with additives for the formation of various grades with a variety of colors and shades, thus results in best quality grade products.

It is therefore, our aim to produce homogenous, quality raw materials and finished products of high standard and quality to meet the challenges of the demands of our valued customers.

The Management and the Engineering expertise of Plasco Pipes industry are manufacturing the product using highly modern compounding and extrusion technology.




Everyone knows the role of working engineers in any industrial unit is not only fundamental but also very vital. Plasco Pipes industry has a very skilled and qualified team of engineers in its workshop. They play an active role in running the machinery at its best. Our all the production unit and quality of material is checked by the adept engineers very carefully and punctually. Due to the high level working unit and teamwork, no breakdown is possible in usual. However the stoppage of work due to temporary fault is dealt with great care by our workshop is the clear cut proof of working skills of our engineering team. Plasco Pipes industry is proud of its working engineers and its high level servicing workshop.



There is no doubt that the experimental unit capability of innovation in the field of technology and developing science is always the result of successful laboratory work. Plasco Pipes industry has established its own latest and most modern laboratory with full equipment and quality testing. We have latest equipment and laboratory apparatus for further experiment and explorations for development purposes especially in thermal, Electrical, Mechanical and chemical properties of PVC pipes. Therefore, the products of Plasco Pipes are the result of capable and skilled quality controlling engineer's tests and inspection. For the conformation of different standards and qualities, the tests given below are performed during the production. All tests are carried out under standard lines of BS, PS, DIN and ASTM standards.




Research department of any industrial set is the key to explore further techniques and developments. At PLASCO PVC pipes industry, we have highly qualified experts of engineering. New ideas and concepts are envisaged and then the drawing and of the conception is approved by the expert draftsman. The mechanical engineer of Plasco Pipes industry realizes the sketches into new inventions by latest version of auto-cad and relevant concerns. We have a team of devoted, dedicated and assiduous professionals employed at all levels for new skills in operation, management and research development.



It is our aim that the labor force of Plasco Pipes industry must enjoy social security, mental liberty and old-age benefit facilities. We want to facilitate our labor as much as possible it's because we recognize our real force and their devotion and dedication. We have a goal to serve the nation by creating more and more employment opportunities for our countrymen. Our force of labor management is commitment, team spirit and facilitation to our employees. It is our success that we are keen to provide maximum facilities to our work force.


What we Provide

We, the people at PLASCO . Aim to be recognized as the most responsive provider of the quality pipes aiming at developing and maintaining satisfied customers.

Our ProductsFollowing are our Featured Products:

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Pressure pipes

Resistant to elements injurious to health i.e.
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SWV Pipes

SWV pipe is a complete system of soil
Demo Image

Conduits Pipes

Sed commodo dolor vel velit elementum
Demo Image

PPRC Pipes

PPRC system provides a large number of benefits
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Polyethylene Pipes

Polyethylene (PE) is fast replacing conventional
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Garden Pipes

Do not rust, rot or corrode-ever.