Introduction of Profile

Introduction of Profile:

Since the introduction of un-plasticized polyvinyl Chloride pipes and fittings in the late fifties, their role has made the most dynamic contribution of the 20th century to water Engineering.

Light to handle and transport, simple to joint, quick to lay, extremely flexible and competitive in prime cost, UPVC pipes and fittings have enabled the specifying Engineers to enjoy the highest operational efficiency at the lowest lid cost and effort.

We, Plasco Pipes Industries (pvt) limited, have established with having more than 18 years of experience in field of plastics pipes and products, new manufacturing facilities of Engineering plastics with having latest state of the art machinery and advance technological skills in the easiest and reachable location at main G.T Road, Bypass Mohla, Gujrat, Pakistan.

Plasco Pipes Industry is built in total area of 4 acre approximately. In accordance to better health and working conditions for man power, Green Belts are environmentally developed.


Durability & Reliability

Our products not only conform to latest standards and constantly reliable but also inherit longest time life among competitors. The production of our industry is the result of proved caring system, streamline process and quality insured by having quality control tests for strict and precise control in accordance with the International & National standards


System We Follow

ISO 9001 :2000
ISO 9001
ISO14001: 2004
ISO 14001
OHSAS 18001:2007
ISO 18001

Our aim is to have no compromise over quality of products, management system, skillful engineering manufacturing technology, statistical quality tools as well as well-trained craftsmanship. We compete in the highest standards of quality at international level. That's why we strictly follow the above given systems.


What we Provide

We, the people at PLASCO . Aim to be recognized as the most responsive provider of the quality pipes aiming at developing and maintaining satisfied customers.

Our ProductsFollowing are our Featured Products:

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Pressure pipes

Resistant to elements injurious to health i.e.
Demo Image

SWV Pipes

SWV pipe is a complete system of soil
Demo Image

Conduits Pipes

Sed commodo dolor vel velit elementum
Demo Image

PPRC Pipes

PPRC system provides a large number of benefits
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Polyethylene Pipes

Polyethylene (PE) is fast replacing conventional
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Garden Pipes

Do not rust, rot or corrode-ever.