We are very thankful to God Almighty Who has given us the opportunity to serve our customers by supplying quality products as per their wish and demand.

PLASCO PVC PIPE INDUSTRIES (PVT) LIMITED is a customer caring company which aims to produce and supply quality products to the end user.

PLASCO believes that there should not be any sort of compromise on quality. In order to ensure the quality of our products we have adopted international quality standards. Customer satisfaction is one of our key goals so all these quality standards are practiced strictly.

With my faith in Allah and belief in the dedication of our staff, I see PLASCO to become the leading quality manufacturer and supplier in years to come.

All these goals cannot be achieved without having professional work force. Fortunately, the staff at PLASCO is extremely professional and committed. We will leave no stone unturned in striving for excellence and will utilize all our capabilities to make PLASCO one of the acclaimed industries of this era. May Allah ease and bless our way in accomplishing our goals (Ameen).


Ch Pervaiz Iqbal

(Chief Executive Officer)


What we Provide

We, the people at PLASCO . Aim to be recognized as the most responsive provider of the quality pipes aiming at developing and maintaining satisfied customers.

Our ProductsFollowing are our Featured Products:

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Pressure pipes

Resistant to elements injurious to health i.e.
Demo Image

SWV Pipes

SWV pipe is a complete system of soil
Demo Image

Conduits Pipes

Sed commodo dolor vel velit elementum
Demo Image

PPRC Pipes

PPRC system provides a large number of benefits
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Polyethylene Pipes

Polyethylene (PE) is fast replacing conventional
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Garden Pipes

Do not rust, rot or corrode-ever.